Dragonbond: Great Wyrms of Drakha

Created by Draco Studios

5e RPG encounters and hi-level adventures against the great wyrms of Drakha in a draconic setting. Gargantuan miniatures of the dragons available.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Time to lock addresses and start freight shipping!
about 2 months ago – Fri, May 13, 2022 at 08:02:20 PM

Hello dragonbonded!

After a long wait without any relevant news, mass production for the miniatures, their packaging and extras has finally finished!

The frequency of updates will be increasing now that we are starting the logistics stage.

In May 20th, the factory will start Freight shipping to send thousands of dragons to our different fulfillment hubs around the world:

  • Gamerati for United States and Canada 
  • BoardGameGuru for UK 
  • Happyshops for the rest of Europe 
  • VR Distribution for Australia 
  • VFI for Asia 
  • Detestable Games for Mexico 
  • All other countries will be fulfilled by Happyshops

This means that it is time to Lock addresses in Backerkit. You can still do so here but addresses will be locked soon. If you need to change your address in the next few days, you will need to reach out to us if you need help. Send an email with the subject "GWOD Change of Address" to kickstarter@dracostudios.com 

This is very exciting for us because it has been SO LONG and we are eager to send your rewards, hear your thoughts, see your painted miniatures, hear your stories playing the adventures... 

 Take a look at this 3D printed Aureus from Michele Bollini:


You have been incredibly patient with us and for that we are extremely thankful. You might have heard about the freight shipping cost increases in other KS projects (or a previous update from us). This is a personal decision from Draco Studios: we are not expecting to charge you more like other creators who were forced by the circumstances to do (very understandably) but any help is greatly appreciated. We are absorbing the increased cost but once you receive your rewards, you can support us by joining us in our next RPG release (Dragonbond: Endless Sagas; October 31st). By then, we hope that you have played the adventures from Great Wyrms of Drakha and fallen in love with everything that this setting has to offer.  You can sign-up for the Kickstarter here and expect loyalty rewards in the next project

              Here's a recent interview from Bernardo to the lead writers, Sarah Madsen and Brian Suskind, where they shared some of their plans for the system.


  • We will provide an ETA per region once we hear back from the freight shipping partners. Right now, we are expecting 6 weeks to start fulfillment in most continents.
  •  Backers who pledged for just the book (without any other items) received their rewards in February-March. Remember that our returning backers got a free miniature, so if you are a returning backer from Draco Studios (and subsidiary companies) and choose not to forfeit your loyalty reward, your rewards will be fulfilled soon, once the miniatures arrive to the fulfillment hubs.
  •  All the STL files for the lairs were finished and fulfilled in February. This week we sharedwith Townsmith the modular variant files for them to upload into Townbuilder soon.

That's all for now but expect more news in a few weeks. We are getting closer to wrapping up this amazing project! Thanks again for your trust, support and patience!

We have a book!
5 months ago – Wed, Feb 16, 2022 at 05:45:35 PM

Hello dragonbonded!

We have thrilling news. Great Wyrms of Drakha, has been successfully produced and embarked. We are one step closer.

Our distribution centers already have every copy they need and some have already been sent and received. NOTE: If you pledged for the Hardcover only (without miniatures), you should get your copy very soon. Here’s a quick breakdown of the status.

  •  Asia and Europe pledges are already in transit. Many of you already have it with you, others are going out this week. Don’t be shy and let us know what you think on social media! Be sure to tag us (@dracostudios on Facebook and @studiosdraco on Twitter). The fulfillment centers we are working with in this area are: Asia - VFI / UK - Board Game Guru / Europe - Happyshops.  If you do not receive your parcel or tracking number within 7 days, please email us at support@dracostudios.com and title your email “GWoD tracking info”
  •  United States pledges have been sent. You should have a tracking number in your email and should get your parcel soon. Go wait by your door. The fulfillment center is Gamerati. If you do not receive your parcel or tracking number within 7 days, please email us at support@dracostudios.com and title your email “GWoD tracking info”
  • Pledges in Canada and Mexico will take a bit longer. The distribution centers should get everything they need soon. The parcels recently left the USA on their way to Gamerati's logistics partner inCanada and Detestable Games for Mexico. The estimated time of delivery is early March. Backers in Mexico will hear from Detestable Games soon to confirm address and provide instructions for local pickup in GDL or CDMX.
  •  Australia pledges arrived to Aetherworks and the project is queue for fulfillment we expect them to start in early March.

Remember, we are fulfilling only the hardcover book, those who pledged for the plastic miniatures please keep reading. 

The plastic minis are still in mass production, and we have a more clear timeline. At this point, due to the Chinese New Year (Happy late Chinese New Year, by the way), production was on standby for a few weeks. The advanced Mass Production copies will arrive to us on early March to confirm packaging and assembly. Our calculations indicate that we’ll be shipping them to our distribution centers around April and given that the ocean freight shipping is still saturated you’ll have them on your table by June.

We would like to take a pause to acknowledge and apologize. June is late. We had to take a bit longer to get the miniatures in the level of detail that you and these dragons deserved. This delayed our plans and forced our timeline to mingle with the celebrations. Luckily, the dragons look fantastic as a result. We are committed to give you the most memorably beautiful dragons just as their resin counterpart we have produced in the past. We are sure you will fall in love with your miniatures once you receive them.

Any other pledge tier which includes miniatures—any number of miniatures included, that is—should expect this timeline.

The Wyrms are closer than ever

Wrapping STL Lairs

Kuxcoatl’s lair, the Pyramid of Enlightenment is almost ready. We have a few pictures of our work in progress as it reaches its final stages. We expect this final lair to be fulfilled by the end of February and then, in March, we will send the modular versions to Townsmith for Townbuilder (in case you included the modular variant too during the pledge manager).

WIP of Kux's lair by Black Magic Pixels

Recently, we uploaded the final form of Dehrilya’s Flawless Forge. Take a look at your library in MyMiniFactory and please let us know if you have any issues accessing the files by sending an email titled “Flawless Forge issues.”

The Flawless Forge is here with 2 levels!

Drakha is a treacherous land, and traversing it, as you may have already discovered, is hard. Have you played any adventure included in Great Wyrms? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation on our Discord server!

Looking for Players

Join Now!

The Dragonbond RPG corebooks are coming. Limitless stories lie out there for you to tell in Valerna, the continent raided by Dragons of the Red Moon every 27 years. We are taking a jab at the fifth edition rules of the world’s most famous role playing games, and we need your help. Join our Open Beta program and experience the world of Dragonbond!

We plan to nurture a community of players and GM's where you can earn XP points for completing playtesting quests, get rewards for your XP points, discover the art & lore first, and be part of its development with a proper playtester credit forever imprinted on the books.

Click here to fill out our forms and participate.

Please comment if you are excited about joining the open beta.

Until next time!

Books unloading + Dehrilya's Lair almost done!
6 months ago – Sat, Dec 25, 2021 at 03:27:01 AM

Hello Dragonbonded!

First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. From all the Draco team we want to wish you happy holidays! We are thankful for having you as part of the Draco family. We wish you all the very best for 2022, especially health and happiness. 

Today we want you to share news about the physical books fulfillment and another STL lair.

Physical Hardcover book

  •  ASIA: China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, South Korea delivered. Parcels for other Asian countries are in-transit and should arrive soon.
  •  UK: Cargo just arrived to BoardGameGuru warehouse, in queue for fulfillment starting early in January.
  •  AUSTRALIA: Cargo in Aetherworks warehouse, in queue for fulfillment starting in the upcoming weeks.
  •  NORTH AMERICA: The harbor is congested. The ship is waiting for its turn to unload the cargo. Our last update said they estimated December 27th for unloading the games.  The fulfillment process will begin the second week of January.
  •  EUROPE & REST OF THE WORLD: This scenario is still the same as North America. Our partner estimates the cargo will be unloaded on December 30th and the customs process will begin.  If everything goes well, on January 10th, Happyshops will be sending the games from their warehouse to your homes.

STL Lairs

We are just missing 2 lairs from the Great Wyrms, how's your printing going?

Dehrilya's is the one we are finishing next and will become available in your libraries soon. We have partnered up with Black Magic Pixels and the results are delightful. Unfortunately, due to a personal situation, they needed to slow down a bit and the files are not ready yet to be fulfilled. Here's a preview of its progress! The second level is still missing but we are working on it! 

Dehrilya's lair by Black Magic Pixel

 What do you think? Kuxcoatl's lair is next (and the last one) so you can truly offer a legendary experience for your players with the adventures, plastic dragons and 3D-printed massive lairs.

Plastic Miniatures

Finally, after many revisions and adjustments, all the pieces have been approved along with their printed cards, their packaging and insert to hold your miniatures secure. Mass production is beginning and we expect to fulfill your miniatures during the first few months of the next year. We will provide a more detailed timeline once we get it from our manufacturer.


On behalf of the entire team at Draco Studios: Thank you and Happy Holidays! We continue churning out content because we love what we do, but every day we remember that the most important part of our work is you! (because your support is what makes it possible).

Next year we have plans to support the community around Dragonbond including more free content. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you might have seen this already but in case you haven't, you can subscribe and in the confirmation email you get access to some of the free content we released in 2021, including this special holiday bust of Ferellon Fulgen (new) for you to 3D print at home. 

Subscribe to our newsletter to get it (you can unsubscribe anytime).

Thank you for all your trust and support. We will be in touch next year with more news about the hardcover books' fulfillment, plastic miniature and the last STLs for the massive lairs.

Warm regards and happy holidays from everyone at Draco Studios!

Books arriving to fulfillment centers. Miniatures revisions
8 months ago – Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 11:50:10 PM

Hello Dragonbonded! 

Time for an update regarding fulfillment and production starting with Great Wyrms of Drakha.

The book

As the shipping crisis situation in China continues, we decided to consolidate cargo and ship the hardcover books with another project Dodos Riding Dinos, and they will arrive with our fulfillment partners around the globe in the coming weeks. Fulfillment for backers who ordered just the book (without miniatures) will begin on December!

We'll be working with the following fulfillment centers:

  •  USA and CanadaGamerati: (Cargo expected to arrive by the end of next week and fulfillment in December)
  •  UKBoardgameguru: (Cargo expected to arrive by the end of next week and fulfillment in December)
  •  Rest of Europe, Africa and SouthAmerica – Happyshops: (Cargo expected to arrive by the end of next week and fulfillment in December)
  •  Mexico – The Test Table Games: (The books will arrive first to Gamerati and will be imported to Mexico afterwards, we do not know yet a final date but we expect the books to arrive by the end of December to Mexico)
  •  Australia – Aetherworks: (Cargo arrived, Project in queue, fulfillment will begin in some weeks)
  •  Asia – VFI:  (shipped already, should be arriving to backers within the next few days!)

If you did not include plastic miniatures in your order your address is already locked. Please send us an email to kickstarter@dracostudios.com with the subject "GWOD address change" if you need us to change your address. 

If you included plastic dragon miniatures you can still update your address in https://great-wyrms-of-drakha.backerkit.com/

The miniatures

Dragons will follow next year once the mass production is finished. These are highly detailed dragons and the factory had some challenges but we are delighted with the result and just waiting one final piece to approve (plastic inserts to securely hold your dragons). 

We received another round of samples from the dragons. We also received updated samples of the boxes and packaging. We are over the Red Moon with the quality! 

Interchangeable heads and wounded limbs

Surprise surprise, the ABS plastic column for Kuxcoatl was no longer needed! His wisdom guided the Panda team and he stands on his own. 

Missing plastic trays, Dragons are just for position only.

This week we are expecting to receive the plastic trays and we will have everything complete to proceed with mass production! 

Each dragon will include the art and a biography, stats for 5e and T9A and the Lair art with the maps.

  We are very sorry for the delay on these dragons but we promise the wait will be worthwhile and these dragons will stand proud in your collection. We can assure you that we will not rest until all our promises and your rewards have been fulfilled. Soon, you will hear from backers who received their books and we will be closer to the fulfillment of the plastic dragons.

Aureus Fulgen 3D print by maxsmagnificentminis

Remember that the dragons belong to Drakha, the Red Moon orbiting Rhaava. Valerna, is the main continent where dragons raid once the Eye of Kadmos opens every 27 years, to feast on Vaala. As our Great Wyrms have different dragons belonging to their brood, we want to share with you this amazing art by Adam Wesierski of Rakzor, a dragon from the Exor brood. This dragon has an important role in the Dragonbond, Lords of Vaala board game and in the stories we are preparing for you all. 

Rakzor soaring by Adam Wesierski

This is it for now, we will share with you more updates regarding the plastic trays and how miniatures' mass production moves forward. 

Happy holidays! 

New timeline. Books finished, waiting for miniatures.
10 months ago – Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 04:00:01 AM

Hello Dragonbonded!

First of all, I want to offer an apology for "ghosting" you all in the past weeks. Will and I went through a Covid situation with my mom, she was hospitalized for 4 weeks, and it has been the most challenging days in our work lives. We had to juggle between messages, emails, and calls for both, work and hospital. 

Thankfully, my mom is now at home recovering and we have regained peace of mind to focus again. Thanks again for your patience and for all your support! Hope everyone is staying safe! 

Let's go down to business! 

Kuxcoatl miniature fix

We have been talking with Panda regarding the plastic dragons and the updates they need to do to make them perfect. Kuxcoatl has been the most challenging one due to the balance on the tail but the factory finally found a solution that kept the majesty from the mini untouched. Instead of adding 2 or more supports, a segment of the tail will be done in ABS plastic. With the ABS plastic, it is possible that the green column disappears! 

Colors are meant just to differentiate segments. Final miniature will be all grey.

Updated timeline (fulfillment delayed)

Production of books is finished. As you might recall we were exploring options to ship those first and the dragons second, but the container shortage in China caused freight costs to increase drastically. So in order for us to not charge more for shipping as other Kickstarter creators are doing (a position we respect and understand) we are back to the original plan and we have to wait for the miniatures to be finished. The factory tells us this will take 30 more days once they send the advance production copies for our approval (within the next few weeks). 

So the new timeline seems to be:

  • September: Books finished. Miniatures molds finished.
  • October: Advance production copies of the miniatures sent for our approval.
  • November: Manufacture and assembly ends
  • December: Freight shipping starts
  • January: Fulfillment begins

We are very very sorry for this delay. The best part of Kickstarter is hearing when you receive your rewards and seeing pictures or stories of them, plus the feeling of having repaid your trust and excitement to help us create an incredible gaming experience. We want to fulfill these already, but we need to be mindful of finances to be able to keep expanding Dragonbond. We know this is not the first or the last Kickstarter delayed, but that doesn't make us feel any less sorry about giving this news. We are thankful for your understanding and patience.

Massive lairs STL update

Until today, 4 massive lairs (Rawraxxa, Aureus, Baastherox and Nixis) have been fulfilled via MMF and we are working hard to get Sivax, Dehrilya and Kuxcoatl ready for you before November starts!

Here's some progress of the Sivax's Lair - The Bismuth Vaults.  

WIP The Bismuth Vaults by Black Magic Pixels

And speaking of Sivax, take a look at this one painted by maxschwarzbich, who shared this amazing job in our Discord and told us that soon we will see pictures of the other Great Wyrms being 3D printed. 

Sivax Magnifex by maxschwarzbich

Keep sharing with us your 3D printing models and paintings! We love seeing. 

Also, while production is on the works, our team is developing the visual guide of all realms and we are working in the lore, soon you will be able to immerse a bit more in the Dragonbond stories to discover the world and all the characters we develop for you! 

Here's a sneak peek from when Ferellon and Elyse met. 

Ferellon and Elyse by Mythos Foundry

Now you, how are the adventures going? Are you succeeding in Drakha? Let us know your experiences in the comment section! 

Once again, thank you all for your support and comprehension!